Friday, July 29, 2011

Call for Reviewers

I'm still hard at work on my book. I am done with a rough draft and waiting to hear back from the publishers but I need to polish what I have. I need anybody who is willing to review my work. You will help if you can read a couple pages, a chapter, or the entire book. You don't need to be a historian or even LDS. You can simply read to see if you enjoy it, just for typos, or provide critical feedback to my arguments. Anything and everything will help.

My only condition is for those that offer to review my work do so in a timely manner. (I'm talking hours and not days or weeks).

Thank you.


Diana said...

Sure! Send me a chapter :) I'll read it through and shoot it back by this weekend! Do you have my email?

Diana said...

Just realized about the hours bit. I can try and get it back to you tonight since I don't have work tomorrow :)

Morgan Deane said...

You mentioned how the first chapter seemed to interest you, I can send that.