Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All the Arts of War

Greetings. I haven't been posting a great deal, but I'm happy to say this is due to my upcoming book. I have several leads on publishers and I'm aiming to have a completed manuscript by the October General Conference. Because of this book I haven't been able to focus on much else besides research and writing. Since I value my readership, all five of you, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at my current title and table of contents.

All the Arts of War: A Military Study of The Book of Mormon
1. Introduction: Growing importance and spotlight on Mormonism. Why study the church through warfare in The Book of Mormon? Why does military history matter?
2. Bleached Bones Covered the Field: Analyzing the Jaredite Civil War using the Chinese “War of the Eight Princes”.
3. In These Difficult Circumstances: Gadianton Robbers in Nephite Society.
4. They Fought on Both Hands With Exceeding Fury: Battle in The Book of Mormon.
5. All the Arts of War: Military Theory and Practice.
6. The Inward Fire: The Leadership of Captain Moroni.
7. By and By We Shall Receive Wine for Our Rations: Logistics in The Book of Mormon.
8. Cords and Ladders: Prisoner Treatment in The Book of Mormon.
9. The Lord Forbid? Offensive Warfare and a Defense of the Bush Doctrine.

You'll notice that all of my titles are quotes from The Book of Mormon or from primary sources I found in my research. What do you think? Do these spark your interest?


Diana said...

Surprisingly, those do spark my interest. Being one who has never really gotten into/excited by history, I find myself rather keen to hear more about those topics, particularly #1 & 9. Keep us updated!

Matthew said...

Interesting - especially the logistics part, a topic too often underrated.