Thursday, February 23, 2017

Putting the Lance in Lancelot

Hey everybody. The title of this post comes from a rather silly joke from an episode of Legends of Tomorrow. The time traveler Sarah Lance visited the court of King Arthur and was thanked...alot. Since I free lance...alot, I thought it was worthy of my sense of humor. Here's a rundown of my recent publications:

Politicians misuse of the word invest to sell bad programs to the public: Disinvest from Politicians

A discussion of Chinese history and geography, with possible application for tensions in the South China Sea: The Imperative of Chinese History and Geography

A discussion that rebutted a common theme that over rates Chinese carrier killing missiles. In particular I discuss the carrier's anti missile capabilities and value as logistical platforms: The Continuing Importance of the Carrier  (This one is technically just a facebook post. As you can see in this post, my ideas are worth reading and being published. I just cut out the middle man for this one.)

Too much of politics involves petty debates of the day. I take a step back and suggest a way to save millions of people instead of arguing about a few thousand Syrian refugees: The Wrong Argument and Right Answer

I have several more pieces that are ready to go but haven't found a home yet. I have one that uses nuclear theory to describe why the fear and loathing of Trump might be a useful thing.(Update: It looks like Charles Krauthammer beat me to publication with a similar idea.)  I have another that discusses Chinese strategic culture and the potential for the next Pearl Harbor.  I'll let you know when I publish those.

I use the same analysis presented above in analyzing events in the Book of Mormon. If you haven't a had a chance yet make sure to buy my book (using the link to your left) as it contains the same substantive analysis within it! Its very rewarding to work as a freelance writer, but it doesn't always translate into literal paychecks. If you found value in this work please consider donating using one of the pay pal buttons below.