Sunday, February 13, 2011

War: What is it Good For?

Besides giving me a job it looks like its good for helping a bunch of hippie peaceniks pretend they know a great deal about military history and to self righteously congratulate themselves. You can check out the thread here.

On a serious note. Looking at the OP and comments makes me question how well the citizens of this country can adequately judge military matters. I mean I haven't read Chomsky but I know a great deal about the interaction between military and political power, just war theory, the necessity of a strong defense, and after my recent paper the possible righteous foundations for war. But some people are disconnected from reality, and don't have the context of history to properly judge military conflict. Since one of the state purposes of this blog is to help people understand the connections between warfare in The Book of Mormon and society I want to see how you think I can better accomplish that. And I am forming some ideas to help my readers better attain the military literacy that was so obviously lacking on the other site. Thanks for reading.


Diana said...

I frequently forget that there can be righteous reasons for going to war. How often do you think it has happened in the last 20 years that someone has gone to war for a righteous reason? Can you give an example of one from the last 20 years and why you think so?

Morgan Deane said...

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I am working on a paper which discusses the supposedly "evil" nature of offensive and premptive war. You can find a very rough draft of it on this site.

As far as the last twenty years I can't comment on every military engagement or use of force. (I don't have acess to the information that people at the CIA do for instance) I can say I believe that both Gulf Wars and the action in Afghanistan are appropriate. If I can ever stop working 4 jobs, and preparing my several pieces for publication I would love to make a detailed post and explain why I believe that way.