Monday, November 9, 2009

The Case for Intellectual Study

I ran across a great article at The Times and Season's Blog. James Olsen makes an excellent case for why the average reader of The Book of Mormon should take an intellectual approach to the book. I also feel somewhat vindicated in my approach to the book, since I often do not include devotional material but focus more on scholarly approaches.

Under Intellectual Condemnation

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Anonymous said...

I love the concept of "mind service" and the need to apply it to ALL of our canon.

I particularly think it is important to apply every discipline possible to the study of the Book of Mormon, but I also know from a background in physics that there are many findings in cosmology that also relate to scriptures of Mormonism, perhaps because Mormonism places Christianity in the context of a larger cosmos than was known in the Med 2000 years ago.