Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Publishing My Book, One Piece at a Time



Most of my regular readers will note that I have a manuscript on just warfare in the Book of Mormon for which I'm trying to find a publisher. I don't have a publisher yet, but I'm proud to say that I have published or presented most of the book already. Only like Johnny Cash, I have done it one piece at a time. Here is the master list of where you can find them. I will update with links as they become available:

Chapter 1: Greater Portion of the Word: The Decisive Book of Mormon in the Debates on War and Peace, FAIR LDS, Defending the Book of Mormon Conference.*

Chapter 4: Loving Neighbors by Standing up to Their Slaughter, Public Square Magazine.

Parts of Chapters 5-7: The Unspoken Debates in Moroni's Letter. Interpreter, (under consideration).

Chapter 8: Kishkumen's Dagger: First Strike in the Book of Mormon, Square Two. (Note: Publishing with two different organizations that have "square" in the title leads to hilarity.)

Chapter 11: Renounce Peace and Proclaim War: Love, Hate, Intervention, and Section 98, LDS National Security Professionals Conference.*

Chapter 12: From Laban to the Laffertys: Nephi, Mormon, and Utilitarianism in the Book of Mormon, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, (under consideration).

So you can see that most of the book is in some stage of publication anyway. It is very good to know my ideas are wanted and because its mostly published already I'm considering self publication. I want to make my way through the journal process first and then I'll reassess. Make sure to follow my author page on Amazon to receive any potential updates about the book.

*Conference proceedings will be printed as well.

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