Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Loving Neighbors By Standing Up To Their Slaughter


    I'm proud to present my article published at Public Square Magazine.  It reflects my sincerely held beliefs combined with a rigorous synthesis of the Book of Mormon and the heritage of just war thought. That means you'll find keen insights from people like Thomas Aquinas, Hugo Grotius, and Paul Ramsey, and how they interact with obvious scriptures like the Title of Liberty in Alma 46:12, but also ones that don't seem obviously applicable like Alma 34:28. Most Latter Day Saints have a basic conception of these theories, but have never truly thought them out or studied the great thinkers that have. I think it is a compressive and motivating statement about Ukraine, but also an excellent preview of my upcoming book. I hope you read it and enjoy. 

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Morgan Deane said...

My article also got picked up at Real Clear Religion on March 2nd.