Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Abinadi as a soldier?

The Maxwell Institute has posted a series of blog posts about their summer study series. Nate Oman suggested that Abinadi could have been a soldier. The evidence is seen in several places, such as Mosiah 11:20 saying that he was among "them." But the closest antecedent was the victorious army in verse 19. There is more as well and you should go read the blog post, and I can't wait for the entire argument to appear. I think the argument is intriguing and has merit. I especially never thought something like the antecedent of a pronoun being that important. I always assumed that "among them" referred to the people. But if Abinadi was speaking among the people of course he was one of them. So there must be something more which Nate identifies.

I haven't had a chance to explore this more fully, but I thought my reading of Mosiah 15 as a Biblical type scene was pretty good too.  And of course, I'll continue to apply to these and hopefully attend one some day. (It kind of feels like destiny that I'll be accepted to the seminar that takes place in London.😉) I hope you enjoy the read.

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