Sunday, August 21, 2016

Know Why and Knowing my FAIR Presentation

Greetings everybody. Heaven knows I stressed over this for a long time, but I presented at FAIR earlier this month and its been posted online at their website. Its a paper that examines the causes of Gadianton conflict in greater detail. Most intriguingly, it looks at specific and under studied scriptures to argue the robbers were social bandits closer to Robin Hood with legitimate grievances about land reform and Nephite excess. And suggests people like Nephi were closer to the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Its a provocative argument that I was excited to make. And it fits some of the ides about a more nuanced study of the text suggested by others at the conference such as Grant Hardy

I'm also proud to say I found myself in another footnote, and then featured in the body of the text with several more footnotes. Book of Mormon Central is a great spot that archives the research on the Book of Mormon and then provides easy to access summaries of research concerning important topics.  The first discusses the war chapters in general, and why there are so many of them.  The second includes a quote from me in the body, and then several footnotes. This includes a good summary of how the Book of Mormon exhibits many authentic strategies from of ancient warfare. I took a good deal of time, but its good to see that I'm taking part in a wider conversation and influencing the way people think about the text. I hope to bring you much more exciting research in the future that will bring you additional insight into the text. Thanks for reading. 

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