Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laban's Sword

Over at Jeff Lindsey's blog he has a great new post about Laban's sword. If you are a long time reader you've probably noticed I don't discuss swords or address that debate often. Frankly, I find the argument about swords is as boring as it is elementary. I specialize in military history, I have several degrees, I have several research languages and numerous publications, I don't feel the need to spend my time in the trenches fighting arguments that are thirty years old. To extend the comparison, I hope to be more like the strategic bomber pilot above the trenches. I have the ability to go far deeper than most scholars, and using my rare combination of specialities I aim to produce new and exciting scholarship to the point that anti Mormons can't engage it.  In short, I want to move the debate forward and change the battlefield the same way that airplanes changed modern warfare.  So even though I've dismissed the importance of swords there are many of my readers that might find it interesting. So please read it!

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