Thursday, March 29, 2012

More From War Critics

Not long ago I wrote about anti war activists and their use of prophet's talks. I commented that many members of the church take an unfounded view of the prophet's talk by applying too much weight to them. They then use his words as a cudgel with which to beat his opponents. They claim that all righteous Latter Day Saints agree with them. Here at the Millennial Star you see an example of that. In particular I would look at comments 45, 53, 54, and 58.

In particular I am bothered by those who take prophet's words to judge my spirituality. As I've shown several times, these anti war statements are not binding doctrine. In fact, these statements are often contradictory. So left with contradictory and nonbinding statements it is the Latter Day Saint's duty to thoughtfully consider the best course. These zealots hijack the prophets words to do the thinking for me. Then they attack me when I question their tactics. Some of the comments even suggest that the only way I can disagree would be if I were confused or wicked.

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Morgan Deane said...

Here is another blog post about it:

The intitial point is very good but the pugnacious and rude responses prove my point very well. Either you agree with their political position or you are horrible and unrighteous. And these Ron Paul trolls are eager to attack you for disagreeing with them. For people who believe in freedom so much they are quite the little dictators.