Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great News

A few posts ago I mentioned how its been tough looking for jobs. Despite the sluggish economy I recently was hired as a teacher at Trine University (nationally ranked by the Princeton Review for all of you haters out there). This doesn't have all that much to do with warfare in the Book of Mormon, but it does impact this site. In preparation for my classes this fall I will have to research and create a couple syllabi, then start my preparation for the classes. (I am teaching undergraduate courses in The People of Japan and Contemporary Issues btw)

This signifies how people outside of Mormonism respect and value my research. My resume included two significant papers I have done concerning Book of Mormon research, my teaching experience as a missionary, my undergraduate education at a supposedly inferior school such as Southern Virginia University, and my time as a counselor at LDS themed youth camps. Yet despite all the clues that I was a "lying", "brainwashed" Mormon that produces "shoddy work", they still hired me. For people without prejudices against Mormons this doesn't seem a point worth mentioning and I apologize for laying it on thick, but many critics of the church contend that Mormon scholars are only accepted for their work outside of Mormonism and they proceed to scoff, ridicule, or disqualify anything and anybody that defends Mormonism. Again, I was hired by the strength of my thoroughly Mormon resume, you ignore me and other Mormon scholars at the cost of your academic reputation.

So you combine the preparation for class with the paper on premodern Chinese Naval theory that I am preparing for next year's Society for Military History conference, and the research into the Gadianton Insurgency that I described below, and I simply won't have a great deal of time to devote to indepth and exhaustively researched posts. But I still appreciate my loyal readers and I plan on offering small gems as I continue my regular study of the book.
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Morgan Deane said...

Testing comment.

Shannon said...


Michael M. Hobby said...

I got all the patting yourself on the back, but where's something of substance on the Gadianton victory of the King Men over the Nephite theocracy that withheld access from the High Priest and Chieg Judge from any Mulekite, even though they were the majority?

If you really think you can make a contribution, you'd better first read, "The Mulekite Connection," written by Michael M. Hobby in the late '80s. It's probably in the BYU library or bookstore. That way, you won't make any missteps that might prove embarrassing.

Michael M. Hobby said...


Anyone can make a typo, as in "Chief Judge," but if you're publishing posts, you need to pay careful attention to grammar and punctuation.If you write all your posts as you did this one, you are providing fodder for your critics to accuse you of "shoddy work."
Before you press "publish," take the time to scrutinize it and make it as clean as you can. I am not anti-mormon, so take this as a friendly suggestion, not as a put-down. Good luck in your efforts, as the BOM's treatment of warfare is one of its most vulnerable tests of authenticity.

Morgan Deane said...

Thanks for the comments Michael. I always do my best searching for typos so another critical eye is appreciated. I did see a misspelled word and misplaced modifier. Depending on how much of grammar nazi you are my several run on sentences could be objectionable as well, but I left those in for dramatic effect (because I've got so many good things going on). People who read my prose on a regular basis probably wouldn't object. My capitalizing may seem wrong as well, but I capitilize the classes I teach and the name of a national publication- again I believe I'm following convention there.

The reference to "sole control" of the government comes form Helaman 6:39. A rereading of the context seems to point away from military operations, but it does not neccesarily exclude it. It was mentioned by Hillam in his paper where he even said that an "insurgency led by Nephi" was needed to restore the government. I made no reference concerning the ethnic or cultural make up of the government.

I do get the feeling that you are cheerleading your book at the expense of my research. If you feel that your conclusions would force me to reexamine mine, please post them. If you are using my posts to gain traction for your book, consider the book noted. My current financial condition excludes any research that costs money. I would have to either buy the book or pay for an ILL, in either case it's more cost prohibitive than the free online resources that I am currently using. Plus, the research I'm currently using does not seem to be affected by your conclusions. Perhaps they were dilatory in their research, but perhaps they did read your book and found it unconvincing. I plan on reading it for myself once my financial condition changes, until then I stand by my research.

So thanks for your comments. But depending on your purpose for them, my comment could change to "no thanks".

Mormon Heretic said...

Morgan, I'm so glad to hear you got a job. Do they need any math teachers there? I'm looking! (Where is Trine University?)

Morgan Deane said...

Thanks. Trine University is located in Angola IL, a little East of Notre Dame. They are currently opening a "virtual campus" and my experience with online learning platforms really helped me. I don't know if they are still hiring. Everyday I look at www.indeed.com under the search terms "history professor" and "history faculty" and then I apply to anything I qualify for. So if you changed it to
"math faculty" or "math professor" I'm sure you can find something as well. I do know that Southern Virginia is currently looking for an Ecomonics professor. Good luck.