Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I started blogging! Although I was a bit hesitant to celebrate this since I spent much of last year in a painful daze. It kind of reminded me of this video:

All the jokes aside I can point to highlights which occurred due to this blog:

I've been blessed to preview/review multiple books. David West's Heroes of the Fallen was a joy to read. And if you look closely a part of my review posted on Amazon as well.

I have several books reviews from Oklahoma University Press. You can find those by clicking on the "book review" link on the side of the page. I'm also in the process of reviewing Brian Steed's Wars and Rumors of Wars.

I had a chance to review a fun game called "Character Match". It turns out my daughter loves all the funny looking shapes and letters. Finally, I had a chance to meet and interact with many great people. This allowed me to find out about the upcoming Claremont Conference among other things.

And of course, I have a place where I can publish my thoughts. Historian Mark Grimsley describe blogging as an "insurgent medium". I have tried to adopt his advice and establish my voice and name through nontraditional means.

So now I ask my readers, what has been your favorite memory or post from this blog?


David J. West said...

Thanks and Congrats Morgan.

I can't pick any one favorite post-I just really enjoy reading all the different perspectives regarding military strategy-and the incredible similarities of oath taking brotherhoods.

Anne Kammeyer said...

I've recently finished writing a 170,000 word study of BofM warfare. The Nephites had a thoroughly Iron Age army with a heavy Old Testament influence, and the author of the BofM had extensive military experience, two things which eliminate Joseph Smith as the author of the BofM.

Morgan Deane said...

Thanks for commenting Anne. Is this published anywhere? I would love to read it.

Anne Kammeyer said...

Actually, I'm John K, I didn't realize it would say Anne until I sent the comment. Anne is my wife. Send me an e-mail address, and I can send you a PDF. I address many of the issues raised in this forum.

Morgan Deane said...

I look forward to reading it. Although I do work 4 jobs (among other things) so I can't predict when I will get done with it.