Sunday, January 16, 2011

Captain Moroni's Back Story

Michaela has an excellent post at the Scriptorium Blogorium. You can find it here.

I also want to add two items. 1. Alma 16:3 and Helaman 1:24 suggest that the Nephites needed time to raise their armies. This adds weight to Micheala's analysis. 2. The article Military Castes in The Book of Mormon suggests that Moroni would have been trained and capable to defend Nephite lands at an early age. This again strengthens her analysis.

I highly recommend this article.


Stephen said...

Indeed. One thing that is interesting about military castes is that they are often physically much larger than other groups, due to much more protein in their diets.

Which means that at 16 a military caste member can often be larger than a "normal" adult.

Morgan Deane said...

Good point Stephen. Thanks for stopping by!