Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exciting News

Great news everybody. The program for the 2009 Historicon conference on Napoleonic warfare has been released. The links are below. Again this does not have much to do with warfare in the Book of Mormon, but I am way excited to see the fruits of all those long hours of reading and research. It is also amazing because I wrote the paper I am presenting as I lived in three different locations, had to use public libraries, during a full time job, and with my personnel life falling apart. This also has reference to my post called "Ad Hominem in Mormon studies", if my research is "credible" enough for the academic community, than why does it suddenly become a farce if I turn my academic skills to the Book of Mormon? You can find the links here and here

A special thanks again to Mormon Heretic for helping me out with links. It certainly looks so much more professional.

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