Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On this day of new beginnings I thought it would be appropriate to start my blog as well. I am a student currently living in Buena Vista Va. I study military history at Norwich University and am a few months (and a few revisions in my thesis) away from getting my Masters.
As I have studied at Norwich, I've continued my life long study of the Book of Mormon. And I found that after studying historiography, military theory, Ways of War, war's effect on society, military technology and logistics I am now like a painter that just discovered water colors. My study of Book of Mormon warfare was in black and white, now after my graduate study it is in color. With my head now exploding with things I have never seen before, I decided to use a blog as an online diary to explore some of these ideas. I hope that my thoughts will be helpful to other people that study the Book and Mormon; and I hope those with constructive ideas and comments will post them.
Another hobby of mine is surfing the web and seeing what people say about the Book of Mormon. This leads to plenty of interesting sites filled with standard anti- mormon rhetoric. (I know the anti mormon label is disputed, but I will address that in a later post) So the second purpose of this site is to place my rebutalls to criticism of the Book of Mormon. These will be associated with my speciality of warfare in the Book of Mormon but will also extend to Mormon history.
Finally, I hope to bridge the gap between scholarly study of the Book of Mormon, average Mormons, and warfare scholars. Since finding that little has been written on the subject (the topic of my next post), there is little interaction between Mormons and the exceeding amount of warfare in the keystone book of their religion. And there is little interaction between scholars who specialize in warfare, and a book that says a ton about it. Well, thank you for your time, and I hope to add many useful ideas to the body of Mormon and scholarly knowledge.

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